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AC_MINI_PLUS_M (1).jpg

AC mini plus

Delta AC Mini Plus features an intuitive user interface, RFID function for charging authentication and casting adaptive to indoor and outdoor environments. Equipped with multiple communication options and OCPP 1.5, 1.6 connectivity, it can be figured for various charging applications. It is easy to install with clear wiring instructions and provides an adjustable operating current option to meet available amperage at the installation site.

AC Mini

Delta AC Mini is a 240V/40A level 2 EVSE with advanced communication functions. The UL-certified charger supports dynamic current adjustment for demand response with Wi-Fi. Thanks to its compact size and unique wiring compartment design, the installation-friendly charger is an ideal choice for both private and public use.

AC Terra Ac Wallbox.jpg

Terra AC Wall box

High-value quality

  • A broad range of connectivity options including Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

  • Space saving design enables seamless installation on a wall or pedestal, which can accommodate two chargers back-to-back

  • With multiple connectors available, Terra AC wallbox is compatible with the majority of EVs

  • Dustproof and water resistant in harsh weather conditions enhancing uptime and product lifetime

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