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DC Wall Box

Delta's dual output DC Wallbox advances EV compatibility at public charging sites. Its wall-mounted and modular design ensure cost-efficient installation and lifecycle maintenance. It also features built-in network connectivity for authentication and remote control applications.

DC City Charger

DC City Charger is an ideal solution for high efficiency urban charging service. It supports simultaneous charging output and load distribution to optimize utilization rate of the charging site. DC City Charger is compatible to OCPP which allows further backend system integration like user management, remote control and energy management.

DC Ultrafast Charger

Features and bebenefits 

DC 150 KW

  • Communication:
    -Network Connectivity: Ethernet,3G, GPRS
    -Protocol: OCPP1.6

  • 94% power efficiency

  • RFID card reader for user authentication

  • IP55 enclosure protection & IK10 vandal proof casing

  • charging points

    • 2 DC charging points – to 150 kW DC charging capacity in total, CCS up to 100 kW, CHAdeMO up to 63 kW

    • 2 AC charging points: 43 kW charging point with -Type 2 plug, 22 kW charging point with Type 2 socket

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